Andrographis paniculata extract, produced by special process that make our product easy to absorb, without any chemical. With Andrographolide, the antioxidant substance, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, Stimulate the immune system against virus, Lower Blood Sugar level, relieve symptoms of mouth ulcer and common cold. Recommend for those who has symptoms of fever, sore throat, or illness from the virus. And patients with diabetes.

Andro ; Produced by Bio-Botanical DYNAMIC Innovation

  • antipyretic and anti-inflammatory
  • Stimulate the immune system
  • antiviral replication
  • protect the liver from toxins
  • antioxidant
  • Lower Blood Sugar level
  • relieve symptoms of mouth ulcer

Andro ; Andrographis paniculata extract. Its ability to lower blood sugar level can compare with Metformin. But it doesn’t have any side effect or chemical. We have the subchronic toxicity test to support that our Andro is safety enough.