F&B Organic Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 as a food supplements and herbal medicines manufacturing company aiming to make quality nutraceutical. Since then, we have focused on developing an excellent manufacturing process and carefully selecting ingredients to obtain most benefits of each supplement.

We also take into account of Consumers’ safety therefore we do not use chemicals in the production process; our customers of all ages could enjoy our products without adversely affect the body.


Keep the nutrients and active substances including essential oils in herbs entirety. The extraction with alcohol or distillation can extract only some types of substances and often the substances that is difficult to decomposes. With our production process, we can keep all substances completely even the smell. Ensure that consumers can get the benefits of herbs fully.


Although the research has found that the useful substances in various herbs, but most people don’t see results from eating those herbs. That’s because when we eat them, we can’t assimilate all of them to apply. But with our production process can makes even the substance absorbed.


We have carefully selected quality fresh ingredients. Neither sun dried nor any drying procedure that may be risk of toxin from microorganism. We ensure there’s neither chemical being used nor chemical contaminants in all of processes. Consumers can be assured of no side effects caused by toxins or chemicals of any kind.


Our product resist to fungal growth even under normal conditions. The product consists of honey which has been opted of its antibacterial and anti-fungi efficacy. The product has the moisture content control no more that 2%, which is still not the condition for bacterial growth.

Bio-D product

All our process start with select fresh, good, non-chemical ingredient to production by Organic Technology, Bio-D (Bio Botanicle Dynamic). We ensure you will get the best supplement and herbal medicine.


Garlic extract